Why Concert Prices Are So High

Sure, Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, are great for discovering music, and admittedly phenomenal for consumption of music, but what does it mean for artists?

Did you know, streaming services pay artists less than a penny per stream?

You might be saying, “yeah, theyre still getting paid everytime a song is played, that adds up” and sure, it does, every million streams is about $7,000.

But think about the amount of album sales are lost, due to the amount of people streaming & not buying music, with the amount of album sales dropping, where do artists make their money?

This is probably why prices for concert tickets are going up, as well as prices for meet & greets.

your favorite artists, and independent artists all put thousands, to millions of dollars to make their music sound great for the consumer, and they want you all to be able to come to their shows when theyr’re on tour, but they need to make their money back.

Stream music to discover an artist, to listen to it, and find out if you like it, but once you become a fan of an artist, show your loyalty and support by purchasing the physical copy, or purchasing the digital copy online.

Trust me, your concert ticket prices will go down, and meet & greet prices will go down.

– Hip Hops Hottest